Fresno Blossom trail spells Springtime

DSC_1999                           Yaaaay!! After rainy and hazy winter, when sun starts peaking out. We came to know about Fresno Blossom trail so we decided to go for a short drive. Timing is salient. Blossoms begins between late February to Mid March. It all depends on the weather, for recent updates follow Twitter or check Fresno County Blossom Trail website.

                  Download the map from google or get “trail map” at simonian farms (2629 S Clovis Ave, Fresno, CA 93725). Trail begins at simonian farms. Below is image of map


                    There are no designated parking spaces along the Blossom Trail, other than to pull off the roadside to enjoy the beauty, take photographs and smell the flowers. Since these orchards are on private property make sure you don’t go deep inside.

                      The drive explodes in beautiful color and fragrance as the fruit trees blossom. The trail is 62 miles self-guided drive shows off groves, orchards, vineyards and wildflowers. Along the trail, you’ll see almonds, peach, plum, nectarine, apple, apricot, orange and citrus blossoms.
  • Almonds, Plum, Apple and citrus blossoms have white blossoms.
  • Peach and Nectarine have Pink to Red blossoms.
  • Apricot have Pink blossoms.






DSC_1822Bees are doing its thing – Pollinating.DSC_1897                   We were here by mid of march, it was a beautiful weather and blooms begin to fall. Some orchards were covered by falling beautiful blooms. Most of the white blossoms had peaked already.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately there were no orange blossoms in evidence. Orange trees were along the main blossom trail and were filled with ripe oranges.DSC_1836

Definitely going back to Fresno in summer to get a taste of the fruits and nuts produced from these orchards.


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